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Adjustable Bases

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2 results for:
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Weightless support plus full body massage & more

$1,049 - $2,248$1,249 - $2,598
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Elevates head & feet for customized comfort

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Find the right bed setup for you

Comfort starts from the ground up. The right bed base not only upgrades your sleep comfort, it can increase the lifespan of your mattress.

Let's break down all of the options:

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This setup is great for:
  • A sleek, low-profile look
  • Those who prefer not to use a foundation or box spring
Compatible with:

Most mattresses

NOTE: Must add a solid surface over the slats such as plywood, masonite board, or bunkie board, when used with the dual-sided Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress.

Frequently asked questions

  • Our factory handcrafts our upholstered furniture using kiln dried rubberwood or acacia hardwoods.

  • A bed base is designed to give your mattress optimal support and raises your sleeping surface to an ideal height. Bed bases can either be adjustable (like our Saatva adjustable bases) or static (like our mattress foundation). Both types can be used alone or on top of a bed frame.

    Bed bases typically don’t come with a headboard, although a separate headboard can be attached to any standard metal frame that your mattress foundation can sit on.

    A bed frame typically comes with some type of headboard and can be made of wood, metal, or upholstered in fabric or leather. There are a variety of bed frame styles to choose from, but a bed frame’s purpose is more decorative than strictly functional. Some people also use their bed frames for added storage space under the bed, either with built-in drawers or under-bed organizers.

  • Saatva standard (non-platform) bed frames are compatible with our Saatva 4.75" mattress foundation. If you choose to use a foundation that is thicker than 5", it will be visible above our standard bed frame side rails.

    Our platform beds do not require the addition of a foundation or box spring.

  • Our platform bed frames can be used with any Saatva mattress. In order to use our slatted platform beds with our Zenhaven Natural Latex mattresses, you must cover the open slats with a solid material, such as plywood or a bunkie board, as this mattress require solid support.

    Our standard (non-platform) bed frames require a foundation or box spring and can be paired with any mattress. Note that Saatva HD requires pairing with the HD foundation, which is specifically designed to give it optimal support.

  • Placing your mattress on top of a supportive mattress base like a mattress foundation or platform bed raises your sleep surface to an adequate height, making it easier to get in and out of bed and also reducing contact with allergens from the floor like dust and mold. Perhaps more importantly, having a good bed base ensures that your mattress provides you with its most optimal support.

    Another good reason to have an adequate bed base is your mattress warranty. Some warranties specify that the mattress has to be used on either a foundation, box spring, or a platform bed base for the warranty to remain valid. Check out our mattress lifetime warranty page for more info.

  • Some people use what's called a bunkie board under their mattress to give it additional support. This a thin piece of material, often plywood or particleboard, that can be used with any type of bed setup, whether it's an old box spring, foundation, or a slatted platform bed frame. You don't need to add a plywood support on our Saatva mattress foundation as it already provides the optimal support your mattress needs.

  • You can put your mattress directly on the floor, although that can create other issues with allergens, dust, and mold. This might also make your mattress too low to the ground, making it more difficult to get in and out of bed, particularly if you have any mobility issues.

  • If you suffer from chronic back pain, acid reflux, and/or snoring, an adjustable bed base just might be the relief you've been dreaming of. An adjustable bed is also a great idea if you enjoy reading, watching TV, or working from the comfort of your bed. When you consider the number of hours you spend in bed, the cost of a great-quality adjustable base is a great investment toward your overall comfort and sleep health.

  • No. An adjustable bed base takes the place of a foundation or box spring to give your mattress the support it needs.

  • Our adjustable bases are compatible with all Saatva bed frames except for the Sydney solid platform bed frame.

    They're also compatible with most other bed frames. Contact the manufacturer of your non-Saatva bed frame to make sure it's compatible with an adjustable base. If you currently have a custom size bed frame, check the Adjustable Base Plus dimensions to make sure that it will fit inside the frame.

    Our adjustable bases work with mattresses that are designed to flex without shifting the inner materials or weakening the structure.
    They're compatible with the following Saatva mattresses:

    • 11.5" Saatva Classic Luxury Hybrid Innerspring
    • Loom & Leaf Ultra Premium Memory Foam
    • Zenhaven All-Latex
    • Solaire Adjustable Firmness
    • Saatva Latex Hybrid
    • Memory Foam Hybrid

    If you'd like to pair your Saatva adjustable bed base with your non-Saatva mattress, contact the manufacturer to check if it's compatible with an adjustable base.

  • Remove stains, spills, and dirt as soon as possible by treating with a mild, water-free dry-cleaning solvent. Vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Do not use water.