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Weighted Silk Eye Mask

Like a calming, sleep-enhancing weighted blanket for tired eyes

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Drift into dreamland with our sleep-enhancing weighted eye mask made of the finest quality mulberry silk. It blocks out light for more restful sleep as it gives your eyes the calming, therapeutic effect of deep pressure stimulation.

  • Long fiber mulberry silk cover
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature regulating
  • Luxuriously smooth silk prevents creases and protects the delicate eye area from friction
  • Secure elastic headband covered in silk
  • All-natural glass beads in a baffled internal design provide gentle, even pressure
  • Hand wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry
  • Looking for a non-weighted version? Check out our Silk Eye Mask

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What makes our weighted silk eye mask a sleep essential?


Mulberry silk is regarded as the highest quality silk in the world. Ours is made up of long fibers to give it a more refined feel. It also contains natural proteins and amino acids that help soothe the delicate skin around the eyes

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Silk is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, yet it also insulates the skin to prevent moisture loss. Its silky, frictionless surface keeps your skincare products on your skin and away from your pillowcase.


We chose 22 momme silk for its perfect balance of durability and smooth hand feel. “Momme” is the unit used to describe the weight of silk thread.


Extra-smooth charmeuse weave lends an extra luxurious feel to the fabric. It creates a frictionless surface to prevent wrinkles and creases on the skin.

How does a weighted eye mask help improve your sleep?

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FAQsFrequently asked questions

  • A weighted sleep mask contains some type of weighted filler material like microbeads, sand, or glass beads. It provides the same deep pressure stimulation of a weighted blanket, but for tired eyes.

  • Just as a massage therapist might place a warm towel or bean bag over your eyes to promote relaxation, the gentle pressure from a weighted eye mask may help you decompress and relax. It’s great for soothing tired eyes and may even help relieve light headaches.

    Blocking out light also signals your body to produce more of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • According to the American Sleep Association, eye masks and weighted eye masks are generally safe to use. However, keep in mind the potential for allergic reactions to the material or filler type.

    Our eye mask is made with naturally hypoallergenic mulberry silk, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Hand wash with mild detergent free of enzymes and bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

    You can also spot clean as needed using cold water.

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