Saatva vs. Dreamcloud: 6 Key Differences

Dreamcloud and Saatva are two popular mattress brands. The main differences between them include construction, foam density, off-gassing, delivery and setup, cost, and customer satisfaction. Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in the US with higher-quality materials and have better customer ratings compared to Dreamcloud.

If you’re like most people, you research a lot of mattress brands before making a decision. One of the brands you’ve likely encountered is Dreamcloud, a popular mattress in a box option. You may be wondering about the differences between Dreamcloud and Saatva.

The Saatva mattress that most closely compares to Dreamcloud’s Premier model is the Saatva

Memory Foam Hybrid.
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Memory Foam Hybrid

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We look at the top six points of differentiation, starting with the biggest difference: how the mattresses are built.

Saatva vs. Dreamcloud: key points of comparison

1. Construction

Both the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid and the Dreamcloud Premier consist of a base coil unit with layers of memory foam on top. Both have individually wrapped coils for maximum contouring ability and multiple layers of memory foam for comfort and pressure relief.

The big difference between the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid and the Dreamcloud Premier is the way the mattresses are constructed: Dreamcloud is compressed, folded, rolled, and drop-shipped in a 16x16x45-inch box.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is handcrafted in one of our 19 U.S. factories with American-made materials, delivered whole, and set up by a white glove delivery team.

Squashing, folding, and rolling make a mattress easy and cheap for the manufacturer to ship, but it doesn’t do anything good for the mattress. That’s particularly true when it comes to an innerspring mattress.

Coils that can be compressed, folded, and rolled have to be made of thin and flexible wire; thin wire doesn’t provide the same kind of long-lasting support as thicker and more durable wire.

A queen-size Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid has coils made of 15-gauge steel (gauge is a measure of thickness). Dreamcloud doesn’t disclose the coil gauge used in the Premier mattress.

Watch this video to see what can happen when a mattress is crushed:

Then watch this video to see how a Saatva mattress is handcrafted to understand the difference:

2. Foam density

Like springs, foam has to be light to be compressed for shipping. The lighter, or less dense, the foam, the less durable and supportive the mattress.

The memory foam in the Dreamcloud Premier weighs in at 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. According to the mattress review site The Sleep Judge, premium memory foam should be 3 to 4 pounds per cubic foot.

The Saatva Memory Foam hybrid uses 4-pound memory foam. We like to say that if we tried to compress it, it would break the machine!

3. Off-gassing

Because Dreamcloud mattresses are shrink-wrapped in a box, they may emit odors when first unwrapped.

This off-gassing is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) escaping from foams and other materials. According to the Dreamcloud website, you must wait 24 hours until the mattress is ready to use.

You can nap on your Saatva the moment it arrives (though we recommend you put sheets on it first). Because our mattresses are made to order and not boxed, shrink-wrapped, or kept in inventory, any off-gassing of materials takes place in the factory, not in the customer’s home.

4. Delivery and setup

Both Dreamcloud and Saatva offer free delivery; the difference, as we’ve noted, is that you have to unbox and set up the Dreamcloud Premier yourself, whereas the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid comes with in-home white glove delivery and old mattress removal included in the price. (It’s worth pointing out here that a queen-size Dreamcloud mattress weighs 106 pounds.)

If you want in-home delivery of your Dreamcloud it will cost an extra $149, plus an additional $20 for old mattress removal.

5. Cost

You might think a luxury mattress, made to order in the U.S.A. with premium materials and hand-delivered to your home, would be a lot more expensive than a mattress in a box.

As of this writing, a queen-size Dreamcloud Premier costs $1,399. Add in-home delivery and old mattress removal, and you’re up to $1,568.

A queen Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, with free delivery and old mattress removal included, costs $1,795.

6. Customer satisfaction

Any mattress brand (including ours) will tout its positive customer reviews and high star ratings. But if you really want a view into customer satisfaction, look to independent third-party sources.

One such source is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to the BBB’s website, Dreamcloud, which is unaccredited, has a 1-star customer rating and has received nearly 500 consumer complaints in the past three years.

The company is currently the subject of an alert following a settlement with the FTC over false claims that its imported mattresses were made with U.S.-sourced materials.

Saatva is BBB accredited and has a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The BBB gives the business an A+ rating, which is a measure of how the company interacts with customers when it comes to complaints.

Saatva received and resolved 35 complaints in the last 12 months, the majority of them related to ongoing Covid supply chain issues.

For a closer look at the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, check out our mattress page, where you can find full specs, a diagram of the layers, and more information about the newest addition to Saatva’s luxury mattress lineup.

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Want to see how Saatva mattresses stack up against other brands you might be considering? We’ve put together these comparisons to highlight the differences:

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